Saturday, September 15, 2007

National Post

I was interviewed for an article in the National Post and it came out today. They wanted to talk to a younger nun and since I am the youngest in my community I to be in the paper. I am sure I now have used up my 15 mins of fame. I hope it helps the RL a bit and that maybe it will spark someone to think about life in community.


emily said...

just popping in to say HI and that I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm thinking of becoming part of the prayer shawl ministry at my church. Do you make any prayer shawls?

nunknits said...

Hi Emily

Yes I have knitted prayer shawls. It is a wonderful ministry. There is a website and a few books out about it. I have one of the books and it was very helpful about the focus when knitting etc. which can be used in any knitting that you are doing!

Sarah SSM said...

I don't suppose you'd consider posting the text of the article? If you need to remain anonymous, you could always take your name out or something. I'd be very interested in reading it.