Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am deeply loved!

After 3 years of hating EFM (education for ministry check it out) I have come to like it and dare I say enjoy it. I am in my last year and so I am excited about finishing but the 4Th year material is actually interesting. It is about the 18Th century and on so I guess you can call it current events. I am finding myself going deeper in to the material and also going deeper in my reflections. I guess the walls that I was running up against the last 3 years have been broken down. I can feel that I have a deep centre of God within me. A for sure wow moment for me. I find it funny that this feeling would come at this point in my life when I am feeling alone, tired and sad. But somewhere inside me I feel that it will be okay and I know that I am loved! Thank you God.

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Anonymous said...

I have been the most aware of God's presence in difficult times, rather than in good ones - perhaps because that is when I most need to be held in love. Perhaps that is true for you, too.